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Unsure how to present yourself in an interview? Need help writing your CV, term paper or just studying? TL can help you prepare both orally and in writing. Word inflections, vocabulary choices, English style and study tips are often covered in coaching; overall coaching is adapted to suit each student's needs.





TL is available for online teaching via Zoom. Lessons are tailor-made and available to anyone, professionals  and students. TL has over 20 years experience teaching. She has taught in numerous professional sectors and all school levels, from pre-k through university.Your lessons will be written to fit your specific English-language goals.





Detail-oriented and highly knowledgeable in English grammar, TL can edit your English writing while still keeping your voice. TL has edited books, articles and school papers throughout the years. She can help you clean up your writing and learn the reasons behind the edits, thus improving your written words and overall English usage.





I know what I want to say, but I just don't know how to say it. If that's your problem, then let TL write it for you, unless it's for school. If that's the case, then see coaching and teaching above. But if you need an English-language article or blog post, TL can help. Are you trying to market a service? Promote something? Maybe you need your bio in English or want an essay on a recent event? Whatever it is, TL can put it into words for you.



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