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Map to Joy

 Joyful Book!

TL Valluy has written another lovely, charmingly conversational book about God. I love how in-and-out Valluy weaves cute and subtly powerful anecdotes about motherhood and her young sons.


The focus on Joy as perpetual and Happiness as fleeting resonants with me, and The Map to Joy is a beautiful new addition to my library. I love it!


Illinois, USA

Put Your Footsteps Where
Your Faith Is


As always an excellent read, never disappointing, much to learn from. Lessons learnt from experience are always the best to take with you
in life.


Put Your Footsteps

Full of blessings

I felt as if the author was speaking directly to me. She uses stories and situations I can relate to and understand. She doesn't use wording that goes over my head. You can tell she's passionate about wanting to show others how you can have the love of Christ that she has. You won't be disappointed with this book.


Texas, USA

Check Your Heart

I have truly enjoyed reading this book!! Crusty tips with such humor when dealing with our daily habits! TL knows how to remind how GOD is in our life at each breath and we should rely on HIM.

I highly recommend this book !!

Map to Joy

Thankful prayers

TL is a wonderful writer who does not mince her words. I have read the book slowly like a devotional each morning . What an inspiration to read her map to joy. She really has it and inspires all who meet her.
My prayers are thanking God for giving this gift to Terry to share with all of us. She knows her Bible well and explains complicated subjects like Noah's wife with ease.

Things I've Learned about God from Parenting My Kids

Five Starts

Makes a great daily devotional.


Paris, France



King Max's Kingdom

So much Fun !

This wondrously imaginative chapter book is SO MUCH FUN. My boys (9 and 5) and I just finished reading it together and I highly recommend it. Children will enjoy the adventures of young King Max and his fascinating friends, including Sir Jake the wise knight, a well-meaning amateur magician named Milliesplendillie and her talking hat, Shroom, Jerome the gentle giant, and a bunch of mischievous elves whose practical jokes made my kids laugh out loud.

I loved what an engaging read this was, and the fact that my boys were learning new words (for example “doldrums” and “spelunking”) and little lessons about why it’s important to take care of your teeth and get enough sleep every night. Delightfully whimsical, creative and informative at the same time. We can’t wait for the sequel!


Paris, France

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